What started out as a hobby has turned into a career when I decided to start my own website design business in 2009.

I have been designing websites and graphics for the past 15 years.

Website designers either write the HTML code by hand - line by line - or use an HTML editor to generate the code. When I started out learning website designing I used a program called Microsoft FrontPage Express 2.0, which was a free stripped-down version of FrontPage. I simply added the text and graphics and the program generated the code.

But I wanted more. I wanted to know and understand the process of putting together a website. I wanted to understand how the code works and if something went wrong, I wanted to be able to go back and fix the problem myself. In order to do that I started from scratch by completing courses in both HTML and CSS. Now I hand code all the pages and style sheets by hand.

More recently I have also been using PHP when designing web pages. This coding language allows for more interactive websites.

I enjoy the process of putting together a website - from designing its layout to adding the content. It's fascinating to see it all come together. And it is even better when you have a satisfied client!

As a website designer I will never stop learning. I want to better myself and be as good as I possibly can be when it comes to designing websites.

The process of publishing a website online does not, however, end with the design. The website needs to be promoted and it is important to get the website listed on the search engines (i.e. Google). This can be quite a difficult task. For this I also completed an online course in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).